try - attempt

try - attempt
Both these words are used as verbs or nouns. The other forms of `try' are tries, trying, tried.
'try' used as a verb
If you try to do something, you make an effort to do it.

My sister tried to cheer me up.

He was trying his best to understand.

You can also try and do something. There is no difference in meaning.

Try and see how many of these questions you can answer.

Angelica started to try and help her up.

We must try and understand.

Note that you can only use `and' after the base form of try — that is, when you are using it as an imperative or infinitive, or after a modal. You cannot say, for example, `I was trying and help her' or `I was trying and helping her'.
If you try doing something, you do it in order to find out how useful, effective, or enjoyable it is.

He tried changing the subject.

Have you ever tried painting, Humbert?

'attempt' used as a verb
If you attempt to do something, you try to do it. Attempt is a more formal word than try.

Some of the crowd attempted to break through police cordons.

Rescue workers attempted to cut him from the wreckage.

You do not say that you `attempt and do' something or `attempt doing' something.
'try' and 'attempt' used as nouns
When someone tries to do something, you can refer to what they do as a try or an attempt. Try is normally used only in conversation. In writing, you usually talk about an attempt.

After a few tries they gave up.

The young birds manage to fly several kilometres at their first attempt.

You say that someone has a try at something or gives something a try.

You've had a good try at it.

`I'll go and see him in the morning.' —-`Yes, give it a try.'

You say that someone makes an attempt to do something.

Wilt made an attempt to conciliate the man.

Two recent reports made an attempt to assess the success rate of the project.

The adjective trying is not related to the verb `try'. You say that someone or something is trying when they make you feel impatient or annoyed.

I find him very trying.

It had been a most trying experience for them.


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